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If an employee is having an annual appraisal , but until now, he?

In situations like this, it's a high probability that your employment is confirmed. However, in most companies there is a procedure to be followed after an employee completes probation period, like: Employee is asked to fill a self-rating form against his or her goal sheet Employee and reporting manager meet for a performance and feedback discussion in a similar manner of an annual appraisal discussion A written or electronic communication is being sent to the employee about the status of his or her probation period If the probation period is extended or if the employee is being retrenched then the reasons for the same should be discussed with the employee If probation period is successfully completed then the employee receives a letter from the HR confirming him If employer takes no action then employees have all rights to ask for it. However, as per the law it is said that if the employer doesn't terminate an employee after a reasonable time after completion of probation period then that employee is deemed to be a confirmed employee.

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