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How do I write a letter mentioning that I'm an independent taxi?

Just reply: Regarding your request for an employment confirmation letter, I have been self-employed as an independent taxi driver in New York City for the past six years. Therefore, no such letter beyond this affirmation can be provided. If necessary, I could provide copies of the relevant parts of my income tax filings for the past three years. No other documentation of my past income is available. Obviously, you would need to insert the correct information about your working location and duration. I assume this question relates to an application you are making for a loan or a mortgage. Lenders frequently deal with self-employed people, andarewillng to accept tax filings as evidence of income. I assume also that your tax forms accurately show your entire income. Some people who are self-employed in a mainly-cash business will understate their income, to save on taxes. Those people find that also limits the amount of mortgage or other loans which they can obtain an example of why honesty is the best policy.

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