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Could you please confirm for express entry profile under cec I need?

They are really the same thing. It is a proof of work experience letter and you can call it a reference letter but the important elements to include in it is not that you are a diligent worker who saves babies but to provide proof of the work you did in Canada: On letterhead Provide current contact information for the business including the name and signature of your direct supervisor Start and end dates of employment Job title(s) for the position(s) worked with the company Detailed job duties and responsibilities linked to the definition of skilled work experience to reflect skill type , A or B and NOC code that you include in your Express Entry profile hours of work per week that proves you have the equivalent of 1 year of Canadian work experience (1560 hours or 30 hours per week) Salary and benefits (including t4 information or CRA Notices of Assessments if youd like)

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